Tenuta Garetto farm, situated in Agliano municipality, was established at the beginning of the last century when vineyards, damaged by grape phylloxera, needed to be renewed. Old plantings were almost all replaced. Agliano area, during the first decades of the Italian Kingdom, already belonged to the so-called "Barbera d'Asti golden triangle" between Tanaro and Belbo rivers (including Montegrosso, Costiglione, Agliano, Castelnuovo Calcea, Vinchio municipalities and neighbouring villages, as far as Nizza southwards and Asti northwards), where Barbera grape was grown almost unmixed; in other areas, on the contrary, it was farmers' practice to rotate other grapevine species.

Obviously, at that time, grape, and therefore wine production, was intended for the local market, mainly for taverns and self-consumption. After years and generation changing, Barbera wine also reached "distant" markets (Turin, Milan, Genoa, etc.), where it was highly appreciated.

Meanwhile, during the '50s and '60s, the actual owner's grandfather and father started producing the first bottles of wine. Barbera wine was changing, from a simple drink for taverns it became "something more". The development was obviously characterized by the gradual increasing of under vine areas, in order to manage at best end-product quality. With the present generation, in the person of Mr. Alessandro Garetto, vine-oenological production swerved towards the new concept of quality, optimizing all Barbera vine variety potentialities.

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